Falling Through The Gap


I’ve lived with mental illness for more than half my life. Even so, it’s only been in the past few years where I’ve felt able to talk openly about bipolar, psychosis and bulimia.

It’s everyones responsibility to help people like me find their voice. We shouldn’t have to feel brave for speaking up, we must simply feel able to, without fear of judgement.

Through my blog, I’ve hoped to be a small part of that change. To create a safe place where the difficult, often uncomfortable conversations can be had. Speaking about my experiences of psychosis has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do, but in the end one of the most rewarding and freeing.

Even though I’m open and encourage others to be, there is a big problem. There’s a lack of support from mental health services. So many people are tirelessly working towards greater understanding of mental illnesses. We are doing our job, but the services are just not available. The government aren’t doing their job in making sure everyone that needs a hospital bed can get one. That everyone who needs therapy can receive it when they need it. Services are reactionary; people fall into crisis before they can get help. People who are suicidal are being turned away.

I’m immensely lucky to have a partner, family and friends who support me unconditionally. My partner and parents have been there when services have let me down. I talk about one such experience I had with mental health crisis care Without them, I would have fallen through the gap in services and with no safety net would’ve been in a desperate situation. There are people out there that don’t have that safety net. They don’t have a support network like I do. This is where services should come in, but at the moment they don’t.

It feels pretty hopeless right now, but there are things you can do. Write to your local MP about your concerns. Support or get involved with charities such as MIND that are trying hard to push through new and updated legislation. When the time comes, vote in the local and general elections, for a party that will support the NHS and mental health services in particular.

One thought on “Falling Through The Gap

  1. Alison

    My son is 29 and he has been diagnosed with bipolar. He had a mental breakdown in 2016 and was sectioned. He had a psychotic episode which was terrifying for us as a family to see happening to our son.
    The following year it happened again. So he was sectioned again. He chooses not to take medication. But had no choice while he was in hospital.
    I must say he has been very lucky with the after care he has received
    I have learnt alot reading your blogs
    Thank you and hope you are keeping well.
    My son is at home with is taking care of him
    As im sure he wouldnt cope very well living on his own at the moment.
    Alot of people dont understand mental health issues and i dont tell people about my son as when i have they look at you differently !
    My son is very lucky as well to have us looking after him. And you feel for the people out there who dont have a loving caring family network.
    Take care Alison


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